Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Davis's 1 Year Family Day Anniversary

Today is Davis's Family Day - the anniversary of the day he was placed in our arms for the first time.  It is the day we finally got to hold the adorable boy who prompted our one and only surprise addition to our family.  It is the day we had been waiting for after nearly a year of staring at a picture, waiting till we could travel around the world to Kunming, China to meet him.

There were so many reasons for us to say "No" to this adoption, really good, logical reasons.  And there was really just one reason to say "Yes" - the chance to love this child.  We couldn't get him out of our mind and knew he was exactly the child our family was missing.

I am so glad we stepped out in faith for this sweet kid.  He is truly a joy and blessing.

Happy Family Day, Davis!
Davis recently turned three..  He is inquisitive, kind, easy going, silly and affectionate.  He is everything we could have ever wanted in a son.

Davis was understandably apprehensive when he was brought to our hotel room by the orphanage staff.  Looking over our first pictures like this one make me feel sad knowing how scary the whole transition must have been for him.  Fortunately, within an hour or two, he was smiling and had relaxed significantly.