Monday, March 7, 2016

Adoption Update - Waiting for TA

Adoption from China has a whole bunch of acronyms that indicate specific milestones in the process. There is PA, DTC, LID, OOT, LOA, I800, DS260, GUZ, RTF, Art. 5, etc.  Those of you who have adopted from China know exactly what I am talking about, those who haven't probably have their eyes glazed over right now.

So, let me give a real words description of where we are in our process.  We are in the final stages now.  We have only two acronyms left till we leave for China.

We are waiting on Travel Approval (TA) right now.  This means that the US government has officially signed off on our adoption and the immigration requirements to bring Davis home.  They don't need anything more from us till we are actually in China.  We are just waiting for China to give a final review of all the documentation we have been amassing since we fell in love with our sweet boy back in May 2015.

Travel Approval typically has been taking anywhere from 2 - 10 days.  Once TA is issued, we will schedule our Consulate Appointment (CA).  This determines when we travel to China.  Folks, it has been so long since I first saw Davis's face.  And we are so close to the finish.  We are desperately praying for our Travel Approval to be issued this week.  This opens us up to the possibility of traveling as early as next week to make Davis our son forever.

Unfortunately for our schedule, there are holidays and various constraints that prevent adoptions from taking place during a couple of weeks at the end of March/beginning of April.  If we don't travel next week, we may have to wait nearly a month longer.  There is a trade fair in Guangzhou (a city where we must stay for about a week during our adoption trip) that causes prices for hotels to double.  If we don't travel next week, we'll miss out on both Bridget and Sawyer's birthdays.   And there is another lovely family adopting through our agency who has been on the same timeline to the day, that we have until about two weeks ago.  They're likely traveling next week and we'd love to share this experience with them.

So, please.  I'll take any prayers you can offer that we are able to travel next week.

I am also so grateful for a fellow adoptive family who was able to get recent pictures of our son.  These were taken 2 weeks ago. 

That smile just melts my heart.

He seems to always want to squeeze onto a nanny's lap for a hug.  In the left side of the picture, you can see an older picture of him taped to the wall.


S June said...

How did you get matched with Davis? Are you shown profiles or is it more random? And what made you decide to adopt again?

He looks like a sweetie and I'm sure he'll make a wonderful part of your family.

just me said...

He looks like a really happy little boy. Anxious, as you are, to finally meet him.

Kristin said...

S June - Davis was being advocated for by several agencies and organizations. When a child is having a harder time finding a family for whatever reason, they will often have people advocating for them. Other children are matched immediately and don't have advocacy.

We decided to adopt again because we love kids! When I saw his sweet face, I knew I wanted to be his mom forever. If not us, who? So many children need families, and so many families can be blessed by these sweet children.

To be quite honest, I selfishly want another child to love.