Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Thank you to Hannah -Who-I-Never-Met

My dear, sweet husband made a trip to Goodwill yesterday.  He has been stocking up on gear to share with the people who will be joining him on his annual Boundary Waters winter fishing trip I wrote about here.

While he was looking around he found a practically unused Kelty brand baby backpack.  These things are awesome and usually about $200 new.  Ben picked it up for $7.  Our new boy waiting in China is a fairly little fellow and this will be great for him.  We still have another baby backpack that we will be able to use for Juliet.

This baby backpack is way more awesome than this photo shows.

 This post is not just to brag about a great score at Goodwill.  What was attached to the top of the backpack is the true joy of the purchase.  There was a note attached to the top of the carrier.  Here's what it said:

Hi Neighbors,

Have you any interest in this backpack/baby carrier.  I can't bring myself to giving it to Goodwill.  Just return it to our porch if you don't want it (but I'll cry).  


Sorry your lousy neighbor didn't off your hand written card before sending your awesome baby backpack to Goodwill.

Well, Hannah-Who-I-Never-Met, I hope you can dry your eyes.  I want to you know that this backpack will be taken care of.  Your backpack went to a good home.  We will take good care of the backpack and pass it on lovingly with a heartfelt note (like you tried to) when we are done.

Or, we'll send it back to Goodwill.  You know, one of the two.

Oh, and Hannah-Who-I-Never-Met?  The backpack seems to be missing the rain flap accessory.  Could you stop by your neighbor's house and see if they sent that along with the backpack to Goodwill or if it is still on their porch?  I'd appreciate it.  

Thanks, Hannah-Who-I-Never-Met!

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