Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Introducing our new son Davis!!

 Meet Davis SiYu!

This is the most recent photo we have of our new son, Davis.  He is absolutely adorable and we can't wait to bring him home!

We have been waiting for China's super-duper official approval of us in the form of a document called a Letter of Acceptance (LOA).  This letter says they have reviewed all our documents and that we are officially matched with our new son, whom we are naming Davis.  This is not to be confused with the approval we got from our adoption agency.  Or from US immigration.  Or from the US State Department.  Or the preliminary approval (PA) we got from China.  Or the other approval we need from US immigration.  Or the upcoming approval we need before China issue's of Travel Approval (TA).  Or the final approval in country when adoption is final.

I just found out our LOA was issued.  The big excitement about receiving LOA is that we are allowed to share photos of our new son. 

This is the first photo I saw of our new boy. 

The second picture shown is the picture that prompted us to start another adoption.  See, this was a bit of a surprise adoption.  The hubster and I thought we'd adopt again in another two years or so.  We would save up some money, get the chaos of a new baby out of the way, and let our life slow down a bit before adopting again.

But then I saw our boy being advocated for by an agency.  And logic went out the window.  I knew I wanted to love him forever.  Fortunately, my sweet husband's standard response to my suggesting another child is, "I like kids."

Along this adoption journey, I joined the Facebook group for people who have adopted or are in process to adopt from our son's orphanage.  Once people knew who our son was, I got numerous messages from other families who had seen him when they were adopting their own children.  So many had shared that they had seen my sweet boy and had prayed for his family to find him.  How blessed are we to get to be his family?

One adoptive father had taken a clandestine photo of Davis in his crib when he was adopting his own child.  His wife sent it to me when she found out we were going to be his family.

 Now comes the most asked question in adoption.  When will we travel?  We are anticipating traveling sometime in April.  There are a few more steps of both governments looking over each others' various approvals.  Nothing moves quickly in an adoption, but that sweet boy sure is worth the wait.


Kelly said...

Congratulations! I saw him being advocated for and had no idea yours was the lucky family who would be bringing him home!

Libbe said...

Congratulations on your new sweetie!!

Carrie H. said...

So exciting! April can't come soon enough!

Kristin said...

Thanks, everyone! I am super excited.