Tuesday, December 22, 2015

May the Force Be With You

Don't worry - no spoilers.

My cute hubby and I haven't been on a movie date for years, but we were all-in for Star Wars.  No, we didn't go opening night because of, you know, kids and responsibilities and stuff.  But did go.  And it was awesome.

Yup, this is how we looked going to the movies.  Minus the nerf gun.  I have a feeling some of the effect was lost when we put on the 3D glasses.

I admit to trying to temper my enthusiasm.   I intentionally didn't watch any trailers or try to find out anything about the movie ahead of time, which was no easy task.  The bitter disappointment of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull was still a little too fresh in my mind.  But this movie delivered. 

Now I just have to count down the days till the next installment comes out...

Have a great Christmas, and May the Force be With You.


Carrie H. said...

Love it!!!

Kristin said...

Thanks, Carrie. It was a lot of fun!