Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I Can't Stare at my Daughter Anymore

My oldest daughter, Bridget, is leaving for a school field trip today.  She'll be gone three nights.  No, it is not the first time she has been gone for this long, but I always feel a bit melancholy before any of my kids leave for a few days.

So, before she left, I stared at her.  You know the kind of stare - where you try to soak up every feature an really notice how much your child has been changing and maturing when you weren't paying attention.

"Mom, you're creepy.  Why are you staring at me like that?"  Was the response I got.

I realize now that she is 13,  I can't openly stare at my daughter any more.

Young children want you to stare at them.  They delight in it.  Grade school kids might get a little self conscious, but are otherwise okay with the attention.  Teenagers are a whole different story.

Bridget - the girl I can't stare at anymore.

So now I have to stare in stealth mode.  Like a ninja.  I have to catch moments when she is focused on homework and take in the angle of how she rests her head on her hand.  I have to watch out the window as she plays with the neighbors to stare at her unguarded smiles.  I look at her during sporting events to see how her body has grown strong and agile, running on the field.

This is my daughter's last year of middle school.  Next year high school starts.  Then college, where I won't be able to stare at her much at all.  So yeah.  I am going to stare at my child as much as I can till then.  In as non-creepy way as possible.


Libbe said...

My 15 y/o daughter calls it “stalking”.

Kristin said...

Libbe - I wonder if we were as annoyed with our mothers when they did that to us. I can't remember. Or maybe they were just sneakier about it.

Libbe said...

I can remember being weirded out by my parents staring at me when I slept off anesthesia after a couple procedures when I was college age. I made them leave so I could sleep in peace! LOL!