Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Shot Heard Round the Ballfield

This year, Concordia Academy (the high school just across the street from my children's school) needed more players for their JV softball team.  Some of the 7th and 8th grade girls were given the chance to play on the team.  Bridget, my seventh grader joined the team, even though she had not had much in the way of formal team play.

Although she was reluctant initially, she has been having a great time playing second base.  I have been having a great time watching her.

Until this week.

There was a hard shot straight at her.  She got in front of the ball, like she should, but it took one hard, bad hop and nailed her in the forehead.  It sounded like a line drive does coming off the bat, only this was my sweet baby's head.

She staggered for a moment.  I rushed onto the field.  Her coach and the ump were right behind me.

The first words out of the girl's mouth were, "I'm okay.  I can keep playing."  The girl didn't even cry.  She is one tough kid. 

Yeah, that's my tough girl

Well, she didn't keep playing, of course.  I took her home and watched for any sign of concussion, which she miraculously didn't have.  She just had a headache and a big lump on her forehead.  Of all the possible spots for it to hit, we were so fortunate it hit where there was the least likelihood of severe injury.  What an incredible blessing.

I went out before her next practice to buy her a softball fielding mask.  Often just the pitcher, 1st base and 3rd base players wear them so I hadn't bought one for her.  But I can still hear that horrible sound of the impact, so now she's got one.  And she was back at practice the next day.  Fielding balls fearlessly.

Fielding masks weren't around when I played fast pitch.  I'm glad they are now.  One close call is enough.

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Libbe said...

We didn’t have those masks when I played in high school, either. I see the girls on the travel teams around here ALL wear them, tho. Glad your gal wasn’t hurt worse!