Friday, July 18, 2014

You might have a big family if...

30 Signs You Might Have a Big Family...

1.  You realize that you have to get to get going planning your next grocery trip because you are down to only three gallons of milk in your fridge.

2.  You have multiples of major appliances - extra clothes washers, refrigerators, furnaces, etc.

3.  You drive a vehicle that sometimes requires having a special driver's license.  You hear multiple references to a "clown car" when you exit your vehicle.

4.  You have to attach extra paper to forms because there is not enough room to list all your children.

5.  You can't eat together in a restaurant unless you shove multiple tables together - on one of those rare occasions each year when you can afford to take the whole family out to eat.

6.  People count your children out loud when you pass them in public.  They assume your family is a daycare or church group.

7.   Unless you want to start baths before supper, you need to have a morning and night shift schedule for baths and showers.

8.   You seriously question the wisdom of purchasing a new toy, piece of equipment, etc. if "only" two or three kids will end up using it.

9.  Hand-me-down clothes don't get stored away, they just travel from one dresser to the next, to the next.

10.  Many people are afraid to have your family over for a meal (Hint - You can make pasta, its cheap.  And the kids can eat sitting on the floor with place mats or a towel picnic-style.)
11.  You can't legally stay in one hotel room - even a suite.

12.  Anytime you find cheap shoes, you buy them, regardless of the size.  Somebody will end up wearing them within the year.

13.  You fill an entire pew at church.

14. Your family qualifies for school group pricing at attractions.  You always feel cheated when family passes are limited to two adults and two children.

15.  You can easily meet your insurance deductible in the first half of the year.

16.  You truly believe your house is so quiet with "only" three or four kids home. 

17.  You have had at least one child in diapers for a dozen years or more.

18.  You start purchasing the industrial sized canned food - and you aren't having a party.  You see "family sized" packages of food and know you will still have to buy two or three.

19.  Keeping scrapbooks for each individual child up to date makes you break out in a sweat. 

20.  When trying to remember when an event occurred, you rely on the visualizing how many children were in the family at the time to narrow down the year.

21.  You have your children count off before traveling.

22.  Your grocery shopping is done not when you get everything on your list, but when your cart is too full to fit anything else.  Then cashier regularly shuts down the lane when you begin unloading your groceries.

23.  You have never actually converted that fancy crib into a toddler bed or twin bed, but instead just pass it down to the next child.  You constantly scan Craig's List for bunk beds and dressers - you can always use more.

24.  You think its cute when people say they have to wait to run the dishwasher because they don't have a full load.

25.   You really don't notice an extra two or three or ten neighborhood kids in your yard.

26.   You don't have room to sign every one's name on greeting cards.

27.  You need a heavier chain for your mother's necklace with all the miniature children represented.

28.  You run out of room on your kids' growth chart.

29.  You have to write down your kids' birthdays so you don't blank out when scheduling doctor, dentist, orthodontist, etc. appointments.  Bonus points if you have spent over an hour scheduling 15 or more separate appointments.

30.  Scheduling parent-teacher conferences requires military precision.

**Bonus sign - There is always somebody to snuggle with, talk to, fight with, play a game with, share secrets with, daydream

All of these accurately describe my family.  Have I missed any?


Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

Yup. I can so relate. My daughter once said, "Mom, that guy is counting us in Spanish."

Kristin said...

Ooh. I haven't gotten counted in another language yet - that I know of.

Lulu said...

Oh, how I envy your list, I only have two kids, but would like more.