Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Sometimes our family eats popcorn and fruit for supper.  Not mixed together, that would gross.   But we will all sit on our big sectional couch (yes, we all fit) and eat popcorn and watch a movie.  Or like lots of families, we'll just pop some popcorn for a snack in the evening.  Mmmm. Popcorn.  Yummy and cheap.

We have a very well used air popper that we use.  Unfortunately, it takes forever and a half to pop enough popcorn for all of us.  And one of us - admittedly usually Ben - will have stand over the popcorn popper making batch after batch after batch, dodging scalding hot kernels that fly out of the machine un-popped..  This means he either misses part of the show and the rest of us don't really hear much while he is popping, or it we have to push bedtime back because we are waiting to start watching the show.

What to do? 

Why buy an enormous popcorn popper of course!  I finally broke down and bought Ben this monstrosity of a machine for his birthday/Father's Day present.  It was advertised as appropriate for a commercial setting.  Good heavens.  It is sitting, all tacky-like in our dining room because there is no other place to put it.

But boy does that thing make some good popcorn.  In just a couple of batches, we are done. This is yet another mega-sized addition to our lives (along with our sweet 15-passenger van shown here , our huge couch, our huge pots and pans, our huge table, and our huge menagerie of additional appliances.)

This is the exact model we got.  Look at all that buttery goodness.

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