Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Laundry Redux

Laundry has been the bane of my existence for several years now.  Some of you might recall my self-incriminating photos of laundry pile-up on this blog post .  After adding two children to the mix since these photos were taken, shockingly the laundry needing to be done has only increased. 

We have finally, officially given up on laundry.  At least laundry done correctly and thoroughly.  After seeing several laundry baskets piled up in the dining room waiting to be folded, sorted and put away, Ben just dumped all the clothes onto the floor.  Then he had the kids sort out the laundry, putting each person's clothes into individual baskets and the children (age 6 and up) were instructed to fold their own laundry and put it away.

Its things like this that make me so frustrated with my husband.  No, not out of his change to the system, but because he had the audacity to implement it first.  I wish I could claim credit for this organized chaos, but he beat me to it.  And jealousy rears its ugly head again.

Here is where the beauty of the system comes in.  We didn't check to see how well they folded the laundry or if they even did.  Without actually looking, slacker parents can "assume" their children are just really, really fast folders and did not, in fact, just shove clothes into random drawer and slam it shut.

Laundry today was finished in record time.  I think I'm going to love this new system.

If I don't check my kids' dresser drawers, I am going going to have to assume this is what they look like.  

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Sher Noot said...

Loving your laundry method!!!"