Monday, June 23, 2014

How Many Emergencies Can I Cram Into 24 Hours?

Crapola!  Did I really just see that happen?

I was pulling into the grocery store parking lot and a lady rolled out of the driver's side door of the truck driving in front of me!  She scraped her side and bumped her head.  I immediately pulled over to see how she was (thank goodness I was driving slowly so I didn't run her over).   I assumed she had been pushed out due to some sort of domestic violence situation because, really, have you ever seen an adult roll out of a moving vehicle?

She was conscious, and the first thing she said was, " Did the truck stop?"

What?!?  She was in the truck alone and fell out?  I assumed there was a driver who would be taking off, but no.  I watched the truck continue through the parking lot and crash into another vehicle.  Thank heaven it didn't hit a pedestrian or an occupied vehicle.

I called 911 and tried to keep her calm.  Her head wasn't bleeding, but she also wasn't overly coherent.  I didn't know if it was because of a concussion, the fright of falling out of a moving vehicle, a cognitive issue, or a combo.  When the police and ambulance arrived, they also thought something was off and started asking about any alcohol or drugs, prescription medication, epilepsy, etc.  Then they saw a hospital band on her wrist and started asking about that while taking her to the ambulance.

I don't know what was going on with that situation, but she was so blessed to not have had more intensive injuries.  I'm hoping she'll be getting whatever help it is she needs.

Oh, and then to top off one of the most crazy 24 hours of my life, in the wee morning hours my baby girl ripped out her feeding tube, necessitating a call to the home health nurse to come to our home asap.

And then a few hours after that, my Veronica tripped in the church nursery and bashed her head by her eye on the table in there.  We took the blood-gushing girl to urgent care.  They decided to glue instead of stitches, but recommended a trip to the plastic surgeon in 6 months.

At this point, I am too exhausted to freak out.


Heather said...

On the plus side, what else could possibly happen?

::: ducking;:::

Jodi said...

You will be compiling this blog into a book someday, right? Ca-ching.....