Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kid's Day

It is Kids' Day at our house.  What?  You don't know about that made-up holiday?  My children have been eagerly talking about it and looking forward to it for weeks.

I established Kids' Day a few years ago in celebration of the last day of school.  Yesterday was the last day of school for our older kids (Veronica still has one more day to make up for all the weather cancelled ones this winter.)  And the day after the last day of school is Kids' Day.

Kids' Day is the one day of the year where I put minimal limits on the kids.   If they want to wear jammies all day, fine.  If they want to watch TV and play video games, (both of which I normally place fairly strict limits on) I let them.  If they want to snack on pre-sweetened cereal and eat too much candy - great.  If they want to spend the day reading, getting filthy in the mud, sleeping, or just about any other morally appropriate activity, I let them.

Why did I institute Kids' Day when, according to the old adage, every day is Kids' Day?  Well, sometimes it is just nice to be the "fun" parent for a change.  And one day of being the "fun" parent is about all I can handle.  I thought about how nice it would have been when I was a child to have had one day in the year where I could do just about whatever I wanted.  And I also think it gets the laziness out of their system.

During summer, I expect my kids to be outside.  A lot.  I expect them to run around, get filthy, and keep the TV and Wii turned off.  I expect them to draw, read, and daydream.  I expect them to create alternate worlds with the neighbors and build inexplicable, yet intricate crafts that they need to decipher for me.

And having one overindulgent day, I think, gets the laziness out of them.  By the end of the day, they are sick of electronics (but maybe not the special treats) and ready to really start the summer.

And as they get older, they will have nostalgic memories of a made-up family holiday that nobody else celebrates, but helps solidify their sense of belonging to our family.

No, not our TV, but it reminds me of the TV we upgraded to when I was young.  I remember how incredibly cool I thought it was to have push buttons for the channel instead of a turn dial.  We still only had 4 stations, but we could change them in style.


Jodi said...

When I was a kid, I found "Children's Day" on a calendar. Told my parents and so we celebrated it for years. It is the 2nd Sunday in June and was officially established back in the 1950's although has been around since the 1800's!!!

Libbe said...

What a neat idea!