Monday, April 7, 2014

Sign of Spring

It is a sure sign of Spring when you start to see garden gnomes.

Come on - you see it too, don't you?

The boy loves to wear this hat.

Hoping all you dedicated readers stop surfing useless blogs like this and get a chance to enjoy the weather!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Four Days is a Long Time

I'm nearing the end of this pregnancy and it can't come soon enough.  I just had my appointment with the doctor who will be performing my C-section to schedule the date.

I've had both traditional and C-section births, and let me tell you.  C-sections are much tougher.  The recovery sucks.  Other than obvious safety issues, the only advantage I can see to having a C-section is that you get to have the baby 1 week before your due date.  My oldest was two weeks late, so I don't take lightly that one special perk.

So when I went to the doctor to schedule my C-section yesterday, I had the exact day in mind.  The day that I had been counting down to.  For the last 100 days or so, I could tell you exactly how many days till my expected delivery date.  And the doctor confirmed that yes, Friday, May 9th was the date he would "typically" schedule the c-section. 

Did you catch that?  Typically.  But not this time.

Because Mr. Doctor is going to be on vacation that I helped pay for with my 3 prior C-sections.  Friday. Saturday.  Sunday AND Monday.  So, of course I won't mind scheduling for the following Tuesday, right?  It wouldn't be bad for baby to have a little more time to mature, either.  How does that sound? 

Let me tell you how that sounds.  Sucky.  Awful.  Crap-a-roni.  Four days is a stinkin' long time when I am already waddling around because my four previous pregnancies have stretched my ligaments and muscles past the point of recognition.  96 extra hours is a long time to grunt when I get up from the couch or try to roll over in bed.  5,760 minutes more is a long time to wait to find out if the bald, squirming baby smooshing my bladder is a boy or a girl. 

I am sure I gave my best deer-in-the headlights look to the doctor as I tried to calmly refrain from weeping openly in his office.  After the casual way he described it, I would have sounded like a horrible, selfish parent for wanting this creature out of my abdomen sooner.  And I am still saddled with the personal shortcoming of caring what other people think of me. 

I am to the point where I am just about ready for any OB, general surgeon, nurse, or even someone who has watched a doctor show on TV to scrub up and cut the kid out.  Any takers out there?

Otherwise I am left here.  Waiting.  For 39 more days.