Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ultrasound Done - Its a...


Nope, we don't find out the gender of our children ahead of time.  I believe endless speculation keeps the pregnancy interesting during the last half of making a person.

And more importantly, it appears that everything is healthy and progressing as it should although Baby wasn't overly cooperative during the ultrasound. So we didn't get a clear picture of his/her spine or face.

I arrived for the ultrasound with a bladder filled to capacity per the radiology department instructions.  Baby decided it was more important to cower behind the placenta than pose for a close up, so the diligent ultrasound tech pushed and squished that imaging wand thing all over my extra-inflated abdomen.  She even commented that I was an overachiever in attaining the full bladder as she pressed firmly on it. 

I consider it one of my crowning achievements of motherhood that I didn't pee myself in the process.

Eventually she said that my bladder could be too full and that I should just go potty and come back.  Whew!  It didn't change Baby's position, but I felt better. 

I am so relieved - no, not in the full-bladder way. I've moved off that topic. 

You see, I love watching the Duggars on TV.  And permanently etched in my brain is the episode where Michele went for a routine ultrasound and discovered that the baby was no longer alive.  That is all I could think of when I went to my appointment.  That and the fact that a dear friend had recently lost a child late in the pregnancy.

I remember nearly everything about the 19 Kids and Counting episode.  As soon as Michele found out the tragic news (on camera, too, poor thing) she immediately said, "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.  Blessed be the name of the Lord." 

Most of you don't know this, but before my oldest was born, I had a miscarriage early in the pregnancy.  I can tell you that I didn't handle it quite as well as Mrs. Duggar.  I hadn't told people that we were even trying to get pregnant, much less that I actually was pregnant.

We had a wedding to go to the day that I realized I was miscarrying.  Instead of quoting Bible verses, I got embarrassingly drunk at the wedding.  I can count on one hand how many times I have overindulged like that, and I have not done it since. 

Anyway, I share this story with you not to embarrass myself further with how poorly I handled the miscarriage situation a dozen years ago, but to let you know that seeing  a heartbeat on the monitor is not something I take for granted.  Every life is precious - even those that never draw breath. 

And I am so incredibly grateful to see squirmy little baby on the ultrasound. 

Boy?  Girl?  I'll be thrilled with either.

But for those that wonder what our guess is - Ben thinks girl.  I think boy.  We'll see whose right in a few more months.


Jodi said...

YES! It's a baby! Thank God it's not a puppy..or a raccoon...or, heaven forbid, an alligator. Praying for you, my friend! Love your blog.

Mike and Katie said...

My cousin always answers the "Do you know what you're having” question, "A baby!"

klange said...

And I sure hope it is a good baby not like all those other bad babies out there.....