Wednesday, January 29, 2014

First Family Day Anniversary!

Levi has been with our family for a year now.  Our family just wouldn't be right without our Sweet  Boy.  He is truly a blessing.

When I think back on the first three months together, though, I cannot believe how far our relationship has come.  We knew going into Levi's adoption that the family transition doesn't always go as smoothly as it did with Veronica.  But reading about struggles children can have and experiencing them are two completely different things.

Don't get me wrong.  Some families have extreme difficulties.  Some children have RAD and other severe attachment issues that can take year to remedy.  Fortunately we knew Levi could attach to people because of how quickly he bonded with Ben.

It was me he hated.

Yes, hate is a strong word, but I think it is accurate.  This poor child was taken away from everything he ever knew without any control over the situation.  He was not happy about this and needed to take out his anger and frustration on somebody.  And that somebody was me.  I was not the Mama he wanted.  His reactions and emotions were completely justified.  Although his behavior was completely unacceptable, it was also completely understandable. 

My relationship with Levi is so completely changed now that I have a difficult time believing things were ever as challenging as they were in the first few months.

For example, the first two words Levi could say were "No!" and "Mama!"  He picked up the shame sign from another child and would greet me every morning rubbing his pointer fingers together in the "shame" sign and shouting, "No, Mama!  No, Mama!"  Then he would hit me and scream.  Yes, that started my day for weeks. 

Then the rest of the day would be an endless loop of him hitting me, pinching me and pulling my hair.  When he was not in striking distance, he would grab a metal truck and bang it against a window, the China hutch, etc.  He managed to find time to run away from me, too.  Then there would be "nap time" and "bedtime" which were apparently just suggestions.  I would stay in his room and attempt to comfort him as he continued to push me away - both figuratively and literally.

However, when Ben came home Levi would run to him.  Levi would put his chubby arms around Ben and smile big smiles.  All the games and songs he detested when I attempted, he laughed at when Ben did them.  He was a delightful child - as long as I wasn't near him.

Perhaps this is a slight exaggeration. Sometimes I think he resigned himself to my presence or just wore himself out with his fits.  He did tend to behave better in public (except for his shrieking in the grocery store).  In unfamiliar environments he knew he had to rely on me and that being stuck with me was better than being with strangers in a new place.

There was a lot of prayer in those early days.  This experience convinced me that love is a choice.  I made the conscious decision every day to love this child.  Whether he was pleasant or not.  Whether he deserved it or not.  Whether I wanted to or not.

Look how far this boy has come. 

First time holding Levi - We were in a governmental office in Taiyuan, Shanxi, China.  My sweet boy was so scared and sad.  This was two minutes before he began to cry uncontrollably and would only calm down for Ben.

That's a happier boy.  Taken exactly one year after the first picture.

By about 3 months home life changed dramatically. I realized that Levi listened to me most of the time.  He had stopped hitting me, pinching me, and pulling my hair.  He was not altogether happy with me, but gave the impression that he was accepting this new life.  He continued to love Ben completely. 

From about 6 months home till now, Levi has settled in remarkably well.  I think he's come to the conclusion that I'm a pretty okay Mom.  He likes to snuggle with me.  He seeks out my approval and company.  He is unguarded with his affections.  He accepts my love and gives me love in return.  Basically, my relationship with Levi feels as normal and natural as my relationship with the all my other kids.

What a remarkably fantastic place to be.  What a truly, wonderfully ordinary place to be.

Happy Family Day to my Sweet Boy.


Molly said...

Thanks so much for sharing this with us Kristin. I love that picture of you two. :)

just me said...

Hard to believe it's been only a year. Seems like he has been in the family forever. And, yes, he is a Sweet Boy!

Anonymous said...

Everyone deserves to be loved! Your dedication is remarkedable and admirable.

Emily O'Connor said...

Kristin, I don't know much about your family but from what I just read- you are an amazing mom to go through that and stay strong, positive and prayerful. God bless you and that beautiful family of yours!!! Love, Emily

Jessica Brekke said...

Love this post! I am going to (finally!) dig deeper into your blog. I've always love what you have to say.

Kim Tremain said...

Happy First Anniversary! Your family is so blessed.

Laura Wurzburger said...

What beautiful post and picture of the two of you! God bless!

klange said...

awwww!!!! How sweet! He is as cute as a button, If anyone could win him over it is you! God had a plan for you to be Levi's Momma, he did not say it would be easy

klange said...

awwww!!!! How sweet! He is as cute as a button, If anyone could win him over it is you! God had a plan for you to be Levi's Momma, he did not say it would be easy

Carrie H. said...

Happy tears for you and Levi.
Kristin thank you for being real, honest and your heart of gold.