Sunday, October 27, 2013

Stupid Insurance

Are you kidding me?  Stupid insurance decides that the medicine that has been keeping me from puking 7 or 8 times a day is not a necessity.  Stupid insurance thought I will be fine with 15 pills total for the next 2 months.   My doctor prescribed 3x daily.

I went through a bunch of paperwork with my doctor, having her sign some form that says, it actually is really, really important. Clearly her prescription meant that only maybe I should have it?

After reviewing the paperwork, insurance has decided that I am entitled to 12 pills every 15 days.  The only way they will pony up the money to cover the medicine as prescribed is if I am hospitalized with dehydration.  Apparently preventing dehydration is lower on the priority list.  

This leaves me paying out of pocket over $5 a pill (generic), even though we already maxed out insurance on a couple of surgeries for the kids this year.

I want to throw up in a manila envelope, send it to the insurance, and tell them THAT is why I NEED the pills.


Bekah said...

So they'd rather pay more for the hospitalization than for the pills. Apparently bureaucracy ≠ logic.

Bekah said...
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just me said...

Do they have a local office? You could always go to it, throw up on the desk, and tell them it happened because you didn't have your pills!