Saturday, October 26, 2013

Goodbye Fat Pants

Time to pack away the fat clothes and dig out the maternity clothes.  Yes, I am only 11 weeks along.  But doggone it, after popping out four kids previously (3 of them by C-section), my stomach started pouching out as soon as I peed on the stick confirming this pregnancy.

No, it doesn't help that my favorite pregnancy book tells me that I "Might be thinking about looking at pregnancy clothes, but shouldn't need them yet."  Stupid book.  Written by a man. 

Before I actually needed to make the switch to elastic waist pants (which are so comfy) I headed out to buy a few new items.  Remember folks, most of my maternity wardrobe was purchased 12 years ago when I was pregnant with my oldest.  Think back to what you were wearing 12 years ago.  Care to make that your exclusive wardrobe again? 

Fortunately, my go-to cold weather look is a short sleeve shirt and cardigan.  Since I own enough cardigans to warrant my husband nicknaming me "Mrs. Rogers" after the beloved TV icon of our childhood, all I really needed were a few short sleeve shirts to go underneath them.  And I should pick up at least one more pair of pants - no matter how great the elastic is to start, asking maternity pants to make a fifth tour of duty is just too much.

So several weeks ago I went to the mall to get a few clearance summer shirts - basic pieces that will layer easily under my beloved button down sweaters.  Unfortunately, at Motherhood (carrier of overpriced but cute-ish maternity clothes) the sales lady always asks your due date when you check out.  They enter it into some privacy intruding database that results in you getting on mailing lists to get free samples and coupons for baby stuff. 

I had forgotten about them asking.  And I was so embarrassed as the sales lady -with her very flat stomach - was staring at my too-soon-to-be-showing belly.  

Confession is good for the soul, so I'll admit it.  I lied.  I said I was do almost 2 months before I actually am. 

Shame on me. 

If I wasn't feeling nauseous, I'd be indulging in a guilt-induced bowl of ice cream right about now.

No, my belly isn't this big...yet.

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