Thursday, August 15, 2013

101 List

I bought all my kid's back to school supplies and I'm starting to get that familiar need to organize and structure my time better.  Whenever the weather starts to cool down a bit (and yes, that can happen in August in Minnesota) I start thinking about the fresh start we all got at the beginning of the new school year and I dream big dreams.  

Yes, most of those dreams die within a week or so, but some stick longer.  It functions like a pre-New-Year's-Resolution time.  My birthday at the end of August, so I feel doubly inclined to better myself.  Or at least start to better myself.  Or at least think about starting to better myself.

I also like making to-do lists.  I like crossing things off said lists.  Sometimes I add something that I have already finished just for the satisfaction of crossing it off.  On days that are particularly tough, I make sure to add things like "Brush teeth" and "Eat Lunch" so that I can feel like I have accomplished at least a couple of things.

So, in going along with fresh beginnings and lists, I have decided to start my own Day Zero project.  For those of you not familiar - this is a project where you get to make a list of 101 things you want to accomplish in the next 1001 days. (about 2.75 years). 

Publishing it online will give me some accountability and give you all some fodder to taunt, tease, or encourage as you see fit.  Some of these should be pretty easy and give me some momentum.  Others are tougher.  All are feasible to finish (in theory) in the time frame.  

I've got to admit, putting this list out is like letting people read my diary, so a couple of them are going to have to stay private.

Items that are black are ones I have not done yet.  Items in blue are in progress.  Items in red are finished.  For the purposes of this list, "one month" is any 30 consecutive days, not necessarily a calendar month.  Also a week is 7 consecutive days.  I will be updating this post regularly.

Although I just posted this, I officially started on July 30th.  

I better get busy, I've only got till April 26, 2016.
1.  Read 100 new books. (4/100)

2.  Submit a short story.

3.  Finish my novel and submit to an agent.

4.   Ride a roller coaster with my kids.

5.  Private.

6.  Go on a week long family road trip.


8.  Go on a silent retreat.

9.  Fast for 40 hours again.

10.  Give an anonymous gift.

11.  Answer the "50 Questions that Will Free Your Mind"

12.  Read 10 classic books that I haven't read yet.

13.  Shoot a gun.

14.  Remember how to solve the Rubiks Cube

15.  Leave a note inside a book for someone else to find.

16.  Leave a ginormous tip.

17.  Don't complain or say anything negative for a week.
18.  Take a free online college class.

19.  Take one picture every day for a year. (7/365)

20.  Don't watch TV for a week.

21.  Don't use the Internet for a week.

22.  Write a letter to myself to be opened when the 1001 days are over.

23.  Get a professional family portrait done.

24.  Play chess with my dad.

25.  30 minutes of exercise for 30 straight days - no excuses.

26.  Actually do 10 Pintrest crafts and/or recipes instead of just pinning.

27.  Blog every day for a month.

28.  Get a massage.

29.  Write 50 handwritten letters/cards. (1/50)

30.  Make a household inventory for insurance.

31.  Put all old photos in photo albums.


33.  Scan special photos.  Give electronic copies of photos to parents for safekeeping.

34.  Go on a weekend trip with Ben and no kids.

35.  Donate 100 books from our bookshelf.

36.  Make 10 Kiva loans. (1/10)

37.  Know 50 words in sign language.  (25/50)

38.  Make a souffle

39.  Don't buy anything for a week (including food, gas, etc.)

40.  Go to a play with my mom.

41.  Declutter my house - closets, garage, basement, and the rest.

42.  Hike up Barn Bluff in Red Wing again.

43.  Go antique shopping with my friends.

44.  Clean out my email inbox.

45.  Make a list of 100 happy memories

46.  Go to 5 new museums.

47.  Make a project out of mosaic tiles.

48.  Respond to children and husband in a calm manner for 1 week.  (Have started this many times already)

49.  Go to an outdoor concert.

50.  Clean out file cabinet.

51.  Take a weekend trip to Green Bay

52.  Win NaNoWriMo again.

53.  Travel out of the country.

54.  Take a community ed class.

55.  Take out hallway/stairs carpeting.

56.  Wake up at 6AM every morning for 30 days.

57.  Start an all-about-me scrapbook.

58.  Watch Citizen Kane to see what the fuss is about.

59.  Reupholster dining room and kitchen chairs.

60.  Figure out how to apply liquid eyeliner without looking like an idiot.

61.  Paint my china hutch

62.  Make video interviews of individuals in my family.

63.  Try 30 new recipes in one month.

64.  Finish painting all the floorboards, molding, doors, etc.

65.  Rip out ugly shrubs and make a new flower bed.

66.  Create a family cookbook.

67.  Floss every day for a month.

68.  Create at least one scrapbook page ever day for 30 days. (1/30)

69.  Electricity free weekend (except for fridge/freezer)

70.  Read and recycle all my back issues of magazines.

71.  Go 1 week without snacks or dessert.

72.  Save up for and buy a new couch.

73.  Go on a special outing with Bridget.

74.  Go on a special outing with Riley.

75.  Go on a  special outing with Connor.

76.  Go on a special outing with Sawyer.

77.  Go on a special outing with Veronica.

78.  Go on a special outing with Levi.

79.  Help start an anti-bullying program at kids' school. 

80.  Save up for and buy a 12 or 15 passenger van.

81.  Make a worry box.

82.  Write in my gratitude journal every day for a month.

83.  Build a snowman with the kids.

84.  Make a braided rug.

85.  Get back riding my bike.

86.  Eat food from a culture I have not yet tried. 

87.  Pare down craft supplies and throw away crafts that I am never actually going to finish.

88.  Buy and use reusable grocery bags.

89.  Learn a magic trick.

90.  Ride a horse again.

91.  Finish reading the whole Bible

92.  Spend the day by myself at the library or bookstore.

93.  Knit something.  Anything.

94.  Weed out the kids' toys

95.  Leave money for strangers to find.

96.  Stock up on gift cards to leave in the car for people asking for food/money

97.  Make rosettes for Christmas.

98.  Spend a whole, guilt-free day in PJs watching TV and reading.

99.  Be at least 5 minutes early for everything for a week.

100.  Chaperone 3 school field trips.



Carrie H. said...

What a wonderful idea. Great list.

Jess said...

Ooh! I can help you with the shoot the gun one! The only question is, what type do you want to shoot?