Sunday, March 3, 2013

In Sickness and in Health

I feel like Ben and I have been testing that "In sickness and in health" vow for the past several weeks.  I am currently fighting off a cold which might be morphing its way into bronchitis (not an uncommon occurrence for this asthma girl).  Ben has been fluctuating between illness and health since we have gotten home from China, too. 

Folks - for the past month, there has not been a single time when everyone in our family has been healthy on the same day. 

Which brings me to one of the few downsides of being an at-home parent:  lack of sick days.  I remember how absolutely wonderful it was pre-children when I was ill.  I could stay home from work and lay in bed all day, drugged up on Sudafed.  I didn't even have to buy the non-drowsy because I could drowse all day long if I wanted/needed to. 

Of course since I have been home for over a decade, that was back in the day before the "real" Sudafed was sold only behind the pharmacist's counter.  I still feel an uncontrollable urge to tell the pharmacist, "I'm not making meth or anything." every time I buy it.  They always reply that they didn't think I was, but I feel better for having told them.  But I suppose that is another story. 

I would just love a real sick day.  I would lay on the couch watching the PBS Pride and Prejudice miniseries with Colin Firth for the millionth time.  I would have a few light snacks and drinks on the side table next to me and a cozy velour blanket wrapped around me.  I would maybe flip through a magazine when I was feeling particularly energetic between naps.  When Ben came home from work, I would moan a few times for good measure, just to let him know how sick I was, yet how very brave I was handling my head cold.  He might serve me toast with a giant side order of pity.  Then, I would nobly trudge my way upstairs to my bed where I would sleep through the night, waking up rested and feeling better to greet the workday.

But, as it is, I have six kids (wow, it still feels weird writing that many children) to take care of, sick or not.  Ben is awesome, as usual, and does what he can.  However, I'll have to postpone my date with Colin Firth/Mark Darcy because there are still butts to wipe, stories to read, fights to mediate, blogs to update.

Sniffle, sniffle, cough, sneeze.

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