Thursday, March 7, 2013

Comparing Success

I got a phone call from the university I graduated from last night.  Ben answered the phone and offered to take a message, but they said they would call back.  I'm assuming they just wanted donations.  But, this reminded me that a little while before we left for China, my college alumni magazine came in the mail.  They put out a young professional edition to highlight people in their 20s and 30s and all the incredible things they are doing.

This did not cause me to feel bursting pride in my school and fellow Winona State Warriors.  Instead I felt like an inept slacker who had nothing noteworthy to put in a magazine.  Nobody is going to be putting my picture in a splashy spread, talking about how I manage advertising accounts for Fortune 500 companies.  I wasn't the alum surrounded by NASA astronauts who couldn't have finished their mission without me.  My classmates were doing amazing things.

I looked around my living room strewn with toys and laundry baskets full of clothes to be folded.  I heard a couple of kids arguing in the basement. Where was my glory moment that would make my school want to write about me?

I felt sorry for myself for a couple of hours.  Then I was mighty embarrassed because I had forgotten what I already know to be true.  I'm doing exactly what I am suppose to be doing.  Just like the people in the magazine are doing what they are suppose to be doing.

My job in life has nothing to do with my career (or current lack of one).  Nobody's does.  How could I have minimized my REAL purpose in life?

The whole point and purpose of life is to accept God's love and reflect God's love to others. 

That's it. 

I am currently doing that by raising my family and attempting to be kind and helpful to everyone I meet in my daily life.

I'll admit, some days I am an epic failure at this one job God has given me.  But most days, I'm not doing to shabby.  I suspect most of us feel the same.  It doesn't matter where I do this job of reflecting kindness and love to others.  I could do it at home, at the grocery store, at an office, or at NASA with a bunch of astronauts.  The title and paycheck don't matter. 

Thank goodness God's plan for me has given me a life I absolutely adore. 

P.S.  I hate math.  That NASA thing wouldn't have made me happy anyway.

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