Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I think we've got some of the bugs (computer, not edible) worked out, so here are a few initial pictures of his Royal Cuteness, Levi.

I kind of love the haircut.  His, not mine.  At 2AM, a couple of hours before we were going to leave for the airport to go to China, I thought I needed a bang trim.  Lesson learned - I shouldn't make scissors decisions when bleary eyed and anxious.  I'm going to have to convince Ben to let Levi have this haircut for a while when we get home.

Ben with Levi on Family Day.  He looks very manly in his read flowered shirt and split pants.

It was a long day.  He fell asleep on the ride from the Civil Affairs office to the hotel.

He finally decided to smile just before bed.

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