Friday, January 18, 2013

How Many Times Do I Have To Say It

After more than a decade of parenting, I realize that I am just saying the sames things over, and over, and over, and over, and over...

Have you noticed that too?  I decided to actually listen to what my poor kids hear so many times.  I realize there are some phrases that just pop out of my mouth automatically.  Here are a few:

1.  Fingers don't live in noses.

2.  I need you to use your kind and loving words.

3.  I love you oodles and oodles and spaghetti noodles, with a meatball on top.

4.  You git what you git and you don't have a fit.

5.  Do you understand my words?

6.  Pew!  Go in the bathroom if you are going to do that.

7.  You can have what Mama picks out, or you can have nothing.

8.  We have enough money for everything we need and some things we want, and that's a pretty good place to be.

9.  Who wants to do an act of service?

10.  If you have to be loud, go downstairs.

11.  I need to you say, "Yes Mom."

12. That is private behavior.  You need to do that in the bathroom or in your bedroom.

13.  Which of God's rules did you break?

14. You can either find something to do, or sit down silently till you think of something.

15.  Mama's ears are tired.

16.  This is the best day ever.

17.  Go outside and play....I don't care if you don't want to.  Go outside and play.

18.  If you're bored, I'll find something that needs cleaning.

19.  I haven't had a (Bridget, Riley, Connor, Sawyer, Veronica) hug in a long time.

20.  We give the cat soft touches.

21.  Good listener!

22.  No, you will not die without an Ipad, cell phone, big stuffed tiger...

23.  I'll think about it.

24.  That is unacceptable behavior.

25.  We don't hug to tackle.

26.   You bring Mama lots of joy.

Have you got any you want to share?


The Bradshaws said...

In response to "I don't know how": Well nows a good time to learn :)

The Bradshaws said...

In response to "I don't know how": Well nows a good time to learn :)

Anonymous said...

GO tell your sister/brother sorry and give them a kiss.

Anonymous said...

Kristin, How many of these do you remember your mom saying when you were little? LOL