Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Week of Waiting

We've got just over a week to wait.  Then we'll hop on plane and head on over to China.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, we have received official Travel Approval and have our flights booked.  In 13 days, I will be holding my sweet (possibly stinky, definitely scared) boy. 

So, I am excited.  Well, mostly excited.  Almost all excited.  Of course I realize I won't sleep again for several months.  I've done that before and can do it again.   I'm ready for the culture shock of China and the lack of trees and grass.  I am NOT ready to leave my babies. 

Don't get me wrong.  I love to travel.  I also love the few random times Ben and I have a break from the kids.  But two weeks is really, really long.  Last time we traveled, I thought about it in the abstract and thought it might be challenging.  This time I KNOW it will be hard. 

Its like imagining what labor will be like.  You know it isn't going to be too pleasant, but you can't quite prepare yourself for the take-your-breath-away pain of it. 

That is how I am feeling about leaving my other children.

However, just like childbirth, it is a necessity.  No, please don't suggest I take along five extra kids (Who's airfare alone would be another $10K.  Not even counting the extra hotel rooms we would need, and food, etc.)  I think Levi deserves the undivided attention of a Mom and Dad who can focus just on his needs and getting to know him.

Also, the idea of caring for five extra jet-lagged children, possibly getting intestinal bugs, fighting for the bathroom doesn't appeal to me.  There would also be a lot of pressure to make sure they behave during all the important governmental appointments when I convince the Chinese government that I should be allowed to raise another one.   For example, I imagine that the child who currently is obsessed with releasing flatulence at inappropriate times would not find an audience who appreciates his talents. 

I am excited, but apprehensive about the trip.  I made it through childbirth before, I can do it again, but  I don't imagine they will be offering me any narcotics to make these labor pains a little more pleasant.

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Jennifer said...

I met you at our PAC class a year ago and have been wanting your blog since. I'm so thrilled that you got your TA before Chinese New Year. We are waiting for our own LOA and when I get frustrated, it is a relief to know that things are moving along for your family. Save travels.