Friday, December 7, 2012

Levi Update

We just received our first (and probably only) update on Levi.  This is the first information we got about him since we saw his file in July.  The information in the file was already a couple of months old when we saw it, so I guess this is the first updated information since he was 8 months old.  He is 15 months old now.

First, the best news - he seems to be healthy and where we expected him to be developmentally.  That is such a relief.

Second, he is just as cute as ever.  The picture was taken two months ago, not long after his 1 yr. birthday.  Isn't he the cutest baby you've ever seen?  In both of the other pictures we have of him, he has that same "What do you want from me?" expression. 

He's going to love this picture of him in ruffles and pink flowers when he hits the teenage years.

Now, the not as good news.  My baby is little.  He's tiny.  He has gained only 3 pounds in the last 7 months.  He probably fits into 6 month clothes.

Some people have tried to reassure me that he will get bigger once he gets home.  Once we get some more food into him, he'll grow.  But I already know that.  I'm not terribly worried about him staying so far at the bottom of the growth charts that he is not technically even on them.  Although if his genetics have him always stay on the smaller end of things, that's just fine with me.

What has this Mama's heart aching is the knowledge that he will get bigger when he gets home because of better nutrition.  Once his calories go up, he'll be getting bigger.  That's what is so sad about it.  I am sitting here, half a world away, knowing that my baby is hungry.  At that size, he is probably hungry most of the time.

I'm so ready to bring my sweet boy home.


Matt and Maria said...

Oh, that terrible feeling of knowing that he needs you. I remember it. I was half crazy for the year between match and Gotcha.

Your prayers can't fill his tummy, but they really do change things, protect and uphold him, and bless him. I know you know this... but the wait is so hard.

Praying for you and Levi, that God would make him ready for a family, protect him physically and spiritually, and give him nannies who pour out love as much as they can!


Mike and Katie said...

Ugh! That is so sad! It would break my heart too. I know I was so anxious waiting the week or so that we had to wait for Amanda and I knew she was well cared for just not by me. Such a hard wait.

Anonymous said...

He is so handsome! Praying that you will be filled with peace knowing that our loving God is taking care of him until you are together (and even then, too!). Love you, dear friend!

Jodi K

Anonymous said...

I feel for you (and well for mostly him - too)... You would never guess it with those cute chubby cheeks! Perhaps it is a combination of hunger, genetics... and not as bad as you think.