Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thank You, Readers

So, its been about a year and half since my first official blog post, and I've got to say I'm surprised!  My expectations were fairly low as to who might be interested in my family.  I assumed my mom would read this (at the library, of course, because they don't have internet at home) about once a week.  Maybe a friend or two would pop on in every few weeks.

Imagine my surprise to hit 25,000 views.  It can't all have been spammers, right?  

I remember the excitement I felt the first time someone from another country viewed my blog.  (Thanks, Canada!)  I have been keeping track of the countries that have been viewing my blog, and so far people from 74 countries have popped in to sneak a peek at my life.  Hey there, Gabon, Pakistan, Luxembourg, Chile and the rest!  And, hello to my US readers.  I'm continually fascinated with how everyone else lives, so would if any of you would be willing to share your blog in the comments, I'd love to stop by and have a non-creepy voyeuristic look.

I've had two main goals all along with this blog.  

     1. I've wanted to keep a record of some of the details of our family life and a journal of sorts about my thoughts and opinions.  I'll look back on some of the things I have written later on and wonder, "What was I thinking?"  

     2.  I also want to be an encouragement to others.  I am hoping that I have been honest about my life (including my shortcomings) so that other people will have a realistic idea of how other families really live.  It is so hard when I read other people's blogs and there is only talk about their perfect lives, perfect kids, perfect houses, perfect vacations, etc.  I want to share my joys with you, but I want you all to know that life is hard and messy sometimes, and that is okay, too.

 In my first post, I said of my blog, " Please maintain low expectations and I will do my best to meet them."  I hope I have fulfilled my end of the bargain and that you will continue with your low expectations.