Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Favorite Accessory

My favorite accessory?  My "I Voted" sticker, of course.

I have intentionally kept this blog pretty apolitical, but those of you who know me know that I tend to get fired up about politics.  Don't stop reading.  That is NOT what this blog post is about.

Instead, I'm going to tell you what I am fired up about.  I am so proud of the engagement of my fellow citizens in the voting process.   I'm especially proud of my state of Minnesota, who has had the highest voter turnout rates in the last three presidential elections.  My home state of Wisconsin (always close to my heart) came in with the second highest turnout.

So, why is voter turnout a big deal?  Why do I encourage all my friends and family to vote - even when I know their vote will often cancel out my own?

It is the ultimate expression of faith in our country and government.  It shows that people believe they can make a difference and that their government will take into account their best interest.  Yes, even when I disagree with a politician or their proposals, I don't doubt that they have the best interest of our country at heart.

Do you realize how incredible this is?  Have you stopped to think that this feel-good "I voted" sticker represents what hundreds of millions of people around the world long for.  It is what people dream about and die for.  This is my chance to change the world through my vote.

Tomorrow, the results will be in.  Some people will be rejoicing.  Some people will be grumbling about how long the next four years will be.  But today.  Right now, we are joined together as a country, all taking part of this democracy.

Yes, I did wear the red and white striped shirt because it was my most "patriotic" looking one. 

Indulge me in a little bit of idealistic optimism here.  As we speak, millions of people are shoulder to shoulder, with only a flimsy plastic divider separating their secret ballots from each other.  They did not go through metal detectors to get in that booth.  They did not pass armed guards silently representing an oppressive government hosting symbolic elections.  They did not risk their life to vote, nor are they in fear that their life will be in danger if their choices are discovered.  They believe that the system will run as smoothly as possible.

And they know that tomorrow, whatever the result, our country will continue with no threat of civil war or cataclysmic disaster.  What an incredible country we live in.

God Bless America and God Bless the World!

Please, please get out and vote.

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just me said...

Couldn't wear an "I voted" sticker because they didn't give us one when we voted early, but really like yours. My comment on the election: WHOO HOO!!! Now I won't be turned down for insurance by Security Health!! (Also really glad Tommy lost in his bid for the senate!)