Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mama's Lap is Never Empty

Have you ever noticed that you've been in a streak of ungratefulness?  I don't mean overt or conscious vocalizations of displeasure.  I mean the way you settle into life and forget to look around for a moment and be thankful.

I realized that I had drifted over to that land of entitlement.  The one where things are going fine, so I take for granted the amazing blessings in my life.

Fortunately God snapped me out of it.  It happened in church, which is really as good a place as any for God to get a message to me.  Assuming I am in a focused prayerful sort of mind, and not a "Quit poking your brother" saying, sippy cup retrieving, or boo-boo kissing mode.

So my family and I were lined up in our pew, listening to the sermon.  I had Veronica on my lap first.  Then she wanted to sit on her daddy's lap.  Connor immediately sat on my lap.  When he came down, Riley looked expectantly at me and asked if he could sit in my now vacant lap.  Remember now, Riley is 8 years old.  He's fairly small, but even a small third grader can get pretty heavy.

I hoisted him on up, knowing that there won't be very many more times when he will do this again, especially in view of his growing-more-important friends.  But, still.  This time he wanted to be close to his mom.

And it was as if God spoke in my ear and reminded me, reminding me that I have not had an empty lap in over a decade.  I have been blessed beyond measure with five beautiful children and another child waiting in China, soon to be sitting on my lap.

People are often unsure of the benefits to having a larger-than-typical family.  While I don't think my family is that huge, especially compared to families a couple of generations ago, I know we are an anomaly in our area.  But if they had over 10 years of snuggling with a child always eager to be in their lap, wrapping their arms around their children and breathing in the sweet smell of child (break in the nostalgia - They don't always smell sweet.  Sometimes they smell like spit-up or little-boy dirt), those doubters would know the blessings.

It took nearly 60 pounds worth of an 8 year old boy to remind me to be thankful. 


Jennifer P said...

I love this. Was thinking of you the other day. Are you going soon? Oh, please say yes! My nine year old who weighs barely 37 pounds still loves to cuddle. But then, he has a lot of years to make up for so I might get some extras.

Donna said...

Thanks for the reminder :)