Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Monopoly and Other Board Games to Test a Parent's Patience

I feel like I should start this post by saying, "Yes.  I really do love my children.  Honest."

But I am afraid I might not love them as much as my husband.  My dear, sweet, wonderful husband not only agrees to play Monopoly with a 10, 8, 6 and 4 year old (Veronica just watches), but he enjoys it.  He's even suggested the kids break out the Monopoly board for a game after supper.

I am not Superparent.  I do not play Monopoly with them.  I guess there are limits to my love.

Do any of you out there have children in this age range?  Can you possibly fathom how incredibly frustrating it is to have a child consistently decide not to buy properties because he wants to save his money, but then complain at the end that he doesn't have properties? 

And the whining.  Oh the whining.  A different child will jump up and down enthusiastically with a taunt on his lips when someone lands on his property and dissolve into that awful scream-cry when he has to pay up. 

All this negativity is not to suggest that I can't admire some aspects of the game from afar.  I do enjoy that my oldest child has declared herself "The Mayor".  This is a self-appointed position that only she can hold.  Basically, she has determined that she has the power to hand out money from the bank to anyone she chooses.  It is all based on her extreme sense of power generosity.  Perhaps she has a life in Chicago politics waiting for her when she grows up.

At the risk of revealing even more parental shortcomings, I am going to admit that I have boycotted Candyland since Child #2.  Even with the first kid, I was cheating and not counting those stupid black dot spaces.  I'll sit for a game or two of Hi Ho Cherry O, and will enthusiastically play some Uno, but negatory on the Candyland.

Don't even get me started on Chutes and Ladders. 


Jennifer P said...

Shoot me first before I have to play the M* game. It goes on forever and I can't possibly pay attention that long! Good with Chutes and Ladders because I'm a numbers kind of gal. And is Life even appropriate these days? The jury is out on that. Favorite around here? Dutch Blitz. It's fast and once they learn the game, pretty evenly matched. Although I still like to win...

Matt and Maria said...

Me too. Everything you said.

Mike and Katie said...

Ha, ha! We have a Lord of the Rings Monopoly game. It's great because when the rings gets to Mordor (Boardwalk) the game ends. Love it!