Friday, May 25, 2012

The Muscially Inclined - Or Not

The three big kids just had their Spring music concert, and I'd have to rank this one a solid B+ for my children.

First the good - Bridget sang.  For the first concert.  Ever.  At least her mouth moved in an approximation of singing.  Close enough.

To those of you unfamiliar with my child, she is not a fan of the spotlight.  She does not enjoy thinking that everyone is staring at her. 

This concert was quite a transformation since her first public singing performance when, as a preschooler, her class sang for church.  My daughter was terrified.  I told her she didn't actually have to sing, but she did need to be polite and stand and sit with the rest of her Sunday School class.  She did.  However, she turned her back on the entire congregation while the song was sung.  I praised her bravery in standing up.

This led into standing without singing, yet facing the right direction.  Another achievement.  She backslid a bit during her first Kindergarten school concert where she stood crouched behind the student in front of her and flipped all of her hair so that it covered her face.

She eventually settled into a routine at concerts of staring at the ground or covering her face while not singing.  Advance the mental montage of her lack of concert singing to yesterday.  She sang.  I take partial credit.

My daughter is in 4th grade.  In 5th grade, children have the option to take choir or not.  Judging from my daughter's lack of desire to sing publicly, I'm pretty sure you can guess that she is ready to high-tail it out of Tra-la-la land.  She will be starting band next year, so hubby and I are okay with her exodus.

However, I felt like Bridget had not quite done her best in the last couple of concerts.  There was no effort.  And doggone it, I wanted to see her lips move once.  So I told her that she needed to show that she had learned the skill of singing in public before I'd let her out of choir.  If she hadn't learned how to put forth an effort singing she would have to learn it next year in choir.  And no, I did not push it so far as to suggest she actually do the motions that go along with the songs for this concert - heaven forbid that embarrassment for her.

A slight nudge out of her comfort zone and Boom!  She gave the appearance that words came out of her mouth.  She could have been lip synching.  I'm not picky.

More good from the concert for my children - Riley and Connor sang with enthusiasm as usual. 

Also, and perhaps the best of all, this was the first concert in memory in which none of my children publicly "adjusted themselves" repeatedly, picked their nose, pretended to hang themselves with their tie or fell off the riser.

Why then, you may wonder, did I only rank my children's performance a B+ instead of an A?  When I couldn't catch one of my children's attention to give them the across-the-room death stare for misbehavior, I had to do the parenting walk of shame to correct this child's behavior while they were waiting off stage for their chance to sing.

All in all, an excellent concert, with the highlight being the 3rd and 4th grade classes playing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" on their recorders.  Get ready Orchestra Hall, I think you've got some talent coming your way.

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Jodi said...

Oh MAN! Wish I could've been there to witness the occasion!