Thursday, April 26, 2012

What NOT to Say to Someone Who is Adopting

People say some crazy things when they find out you are adopting.  Here's a tongue-in-cheek video that I made of what not to say to someone who is adopting. I guarantee that everyone who has adopted or is in process to adopt has heard a few of these things.

Unfortunately, I had a tough time importing the video to this blog post, so you'll have to click here to get to the video.



living out His love said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh girl I am SHARING that one! LOL!!

Mary Jane Postiglione said...

Can I share this on my blog? So funny!!!

The other day the local lady at FedEx asked me if China was a baby factory and that is why I choose the country instead of USA?! Mind you I see this lady almost everyday for my adoption paperwork and bring my 3 year old with me everytime!

cara said...

I just found your blog on the children's home yahoo group. Our daughter was adopted through Children's home too in jan of 2011. & we named her Veronika also! She had a heart valve problem but fortunately it corrected itself.

We live in SD so we had to use another homestudy agency. Cara

our blog is
I have been really bad at updating it thoug

cara said...

It's me again, I have been reading more of your blog and relized that you recieved the referral for your Veronica on the day we got our Veronika!