Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Joy and Chaos

I apologize for being in incommunicado the past few weeks.  I have been working on the yearbook for my children's school, frantically hiding cleaning before our home study visit and preparing for a group of 28 of us together for Easter at my house.  Fourteen of those 28 were children.  Age 10 and under.  It was loud.  Fun, but loud.

And due to my procrastination and lack of organization, we combined our family's Easter celebration with four of my children's birthday parties.  Usually just Bridget and Sawyer share their extended family birthday celebrations on Easter (as their birthday's are both in April) with Riley and Connor having extended family celebrations at the beginning of the year (their birthdays are in January and February).
Here's a visual of the happy chaos.

Here's a picture of four of my little darlings after church.  Veronica was down for a nap when we snapped this picture.  Unfortunately, she was a bit dazed by the chaos of everyone when she woke up from her nap and we don't have a good picture of her in all her fancy Easter cuteness.  Trust me, she was super adorable.  In my defense, did I mention that we had 14 children at our house.  And that it was loud?

For my children's family celebrations, I make fancy cakes for them.  I always have a theme for the children celebrating, however this time I struggled to find a theme appropriate for children ranging in age from 10 to 4.  I ended up making cakes that looked like their favorite books.

Here's how they turned out.  I tried a new butter cream technique for making the detailed pictures out of frosting.

Every year for Easter I also make Easter baskets for the guest.  This year the term "basket" is used rather loosely as they don't have a handle.  But, I think they were still pretty cute.  They were also a lot easier than the year I decided to weave paper baskets for everyone.  I made that decision and starteed the day before Easter.  Not a wise choice.  This time I had already made the decision, but still started the Saturday before Easter.

This blog post wouldn't be complete without documentation of a very sad day in Jello Mold history.  Lately I have been making monstrous jello molds for family celebrations.  My thought behind this is that my children and their cousins would get together decades from now when they are grown ups and say to each other, "Do you remember the jello molds that Aunt Kristin used to make.  Yeah.  They were kind of weird.  I wonder why she kept doing that."  I think it is just the right touch of eccentric (bordering, but quite not touching crazy) that will make them continue to talk about me long after I am gone.

Unfortunately, this one flopped a bit.  It is suppose to be over a foot tall.

I am hoping all of you had a blessed Easter, jello mold or not!


Anonymous said...

"Bordering, but not quite touching crazy." THAT, my friend, is what I got out of the blog. :>D

Jodi K.

Learning Together at Home said...

New to your blog. Love the cakes (would you post the recipe for the buttercream, please?)! Totally cracked up about the jello that shall live in infamy. I have a feeling we approach family traditions in a similar way. :)