Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Unsupervised Husband.

This is what happens if I leave my husband home alone for too long.  I come home to this.  Poor kitty.  Not even a Green Bay Packer hat.  See how embarrassed and upset he is.

Floyd is not happy with his latest accessory.

Floyd - Poor kitty resigned to his fate.


Heather i MN said...

Oh, no! No, no, no!!! That is wrong on so very many levels.

just me said...

Now if that would have been a Packer hat, Floyd would have been just fine!!!

Jonathan said...

Unsupervised husbands are the best, just ask my wife! It means you get a little time away from all your other responsibilities. The wonderful "bonus features" like these cute photos show his efforts to properly teach his family about supporting the community and "sticking to it" despite long-term adversity. Floyd's reaction is probably just disappointment at seeing your reaction. Go Vikes!