Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Laundry Soap

As a frugal Mama, I'm willing to cut a lot of financial corners.  One area of saving that I hadn't leaped into, however, was homemade laundry soap.  And considering how much laundry we do (as show on my infamous laundry pictures ) I know it could save a lot of money.

But have you read the instructions for some of these laundry recipes?  Boiling up vats of soap?  Finding room to store a 5 gallon bucket?  It sounded like too much effort and storage space.

Then through the miracle of the Internet, I found an easy powder recipe that works just as well as the stuff I was shelling out so much money for.

Here's the 3-ingredient instructions.

 1.  Purchase Fels Naptha soap, Borax and washing soda.  Washing soda is NOT the same as baking soda!  I get all my supplies in the laundry aisle at Cub Foods.

The ingredients

1.  Grate one bar of Fels Naptha soap.  I bought a hand grater at the dollar store for this so that I don't end up with soapy tasting cheese later on.

Small gratings of soap

3.  Mix 1 cup Borax, 1 cup washing soda and one grated bar soap together.  I double the recipe.

The finished product

Yup.  Its that easy.  It is inexpensive, easy to store, quick to make and works well.  For a good size, kid dirt-encrusted load I use a 2 Tbs. scoop worth in the load.  With small enough soap shavings, you can use this soap in all temperature water, including cold.  It is also suppose to work well in a HE washer because it is low-sudsing, but I don't have a HE and can't personally vouch for it.

Have you heard about the cheap fabric softener trick yet?  Put a few drops of fabric softener on a designated clean rag.  Toss it into the dryer like a dryer sheet.  You can use this for a few loads before you need to add more fabric softener.  The clothes smell good, and it reduces the static from a dry winter house for pennies.


Jennifer P said...

Great tip. I could even do that. Was that one whole bar/ 1 cup each of borax and soda? I could sure stand to use less and buy less detergent @ 2-4 loads/day. Thanks for sharing.

Kristin said...

Yes - that's one bar, 1 cup borax and 1 cup soda. Super easy. Its WAY cheaper! And so much easier than the liquid versions I have seen online.

The Martins said...

I use this recipe too! Works great and saves a ton!