Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Connor's Big Day

My sweet boy Connor just hit two big milestones on the way to Big Kid Land.

First, he lost his first tooth after a couple of days of wiggling.  The first tooth lost makes me feel wistful, more so than so many of the other "firsts".  Once those teeth start falling out and the grown-up teeth start coming in, my babies' faces change from little kid to big kid.  They suddenly look older.  Please allow me a nostalgic sigh.

Second, Connor got his library card.  The guideline in my house for getting your own library card is that you have to be able to write your first and last name neatly, without help, on that small line on the back of the card.  Connor is many wonderful things, but he is not a boy who will sit down and practice letters.  Finally, he took the initiative to show me his progress.  He is a mighty proud boy and I am a mighty proud Mama.

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