Thursday, January 5, 2012

Adoption 2.0

With an empty seat in our truck just begging to be filled, Ben and I decided to start on our next adoption! 

I know this has come as a shock to several of our friends and family, but Ben and I have been planning this for years.  Let me fill you in.  Five year ago, shortly after yet another difficult pregnancy and delivery (of child #3) I told Ben that our family was done.  I couldn't handle another round of medical challenges and the stress that goes with pregnancy and delivery.  He said he understood and would support my decision.  After all, way back when we were engaged, we had planned on having two children, or three max.

Then a few weeks later, after the delirium of new babyhood wore off, we were sitting on the couch watching mindless television.  With no preamble I said, "I think we should have another kid and then adopt two more.  What do you think?"  (I had been thinking about this for several years before telling him, but the rough go with child #3 put a damper on the enthusiasm for that plan for a short while.)

"I like kids." He responded the same as he had every time I suggested we have another child.  Then he smiled that cute smile of his.

So the plan for two adoptions has been in the works for some time. However, we always think it wise to see how one our family life adjusts to the current child before committing to another round of parenting.  Now that the dust has settled a bit from the addition of Veronica, we're longing for another child to love.

I had been going through paperwork withdrawal since our last round of adoption forms and documents.  I'm getting back into the swing of things - providing the same information on dozens of documents, writing essays on why my parenting hopefully won't mess up a kid, and notarizing the heck out of those documents.

Once again we are going through the waiting child program for China.  We are hoping to be matched with a little boy or girl (yes there are lots of boys waiting for families in China!) at least a year younger than Veronica with an identified medical need. 

We will probably receive a referral around summertime.  In about a year, we will be adding another sweet child to our family photo! 


Mike and Katie said...

Congrats! I love Ben's response!

Molly said...

Yay for more family to love! I'm always available if you need a notary!

jodilee0123 said...

I bet your mom and dad are thrilled! (They used to help deliver Katie's milk to our house.) I feel like I know you guys! haha!

Mary said...

Congratulations!! Hope the process goes smoothly for you!

The Drinkwaters said...


just me said...

Now I know why I have trouble getting my tablecloth embroidered! Currently working on the quilt, then on to the stocking. LOVE IT!!!!

Jennifer P said...

Kristin, I am super excited for you about 2.0. Think how much "easier" it will be the second time around. LOL. At least the technical details. Will you find a child or will you wait for a referral from your agency?

Kristin said...

Jennifer - we are probably going to be matched after LID because we would like to maintain birth order and would like our next child to be at least a year younger than Veronica. However, we are open to several needs and love little boys, too. So, who knows.