Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Keeping it Real - Laundry Edition

I know there are lots of magical places seen only on blogs, home garden television or decorator magazines where people's homes are always immaculate and everything is in its place.  This isn't one of those places. 

With a larger than average size family, we have a bit more laundry to do than others.  I had gotten a smidgen behind on laundry when we were gone for Thanksgiving weekend.  So, for all those who ask me about how much laundry a family of seven makes,  I thought I'd show you what really happens if I don't do a couple of loads a day.  

Full disclosure - I hadn't gotten to the sheets and blankets yet.  Those were still dirty and piled on laundry room floor.  Behind the towels rolled on one of the dining room chairs is an unseen basket full of clothes that need to be ironed.  Oh, and my basket of things needing to be mended is overflowing in my laundry room.

Welcome to my life.

Here's the hoard of laundry.

The clothes balanced precariously on the back of the chair all need to be hung up.  There is another fully draped chair hidden behind the one in this picture.
I run out of room on my table, so I also make stacks on the floor.
Anyone want to sort some socks?  Yes, that is a regular-sized storage tub  full.


Anonymous said...

I love it! Your post makes me wish I had taken some before pictures before I started the cleaning challenge with Penny. Before Thanksgiving, my friends and I traded gross refrigerator stories and it made me feel normal. We all need a reality check sometimes, and to know we're not the only one who gets backed up.

Julie said...

Hi Kristin, I popped in from Rhonda's blog. I've just had quite a giggle because I too balance clothes on the back of the kitchen chair, ever so carefully, so as to not overbalance it!

Oh my goodness, but where would we be without all those clothes from the little people that make our lives so full!

Have a great weekend :)

April said...

When I was in high school my best friend's chore was to match socks in a family of 4 kids 2 parents. She would have tubs of socks and her and I would dump them on the living room floor and get busy. All socks had a # code on the bottom so you knew which kid they belonged to.
I was from a big family (I'm #5) but my siblings are waaaaaay older than me so I never had this dilema. I'm sure my siblings did. At any rate, I always found the match-a-thon intriguing!