Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Alright, Stop. Collaborate and Listen.

Nothing makes an evening quite so memorable as singing karaoke without a drop of liquid courage.

That was the situation I found myself in last night at my monthly Mom's Night Out.  On the last Tuesday of the month, you can find me with a great group of friends eating, talking and laughing till entirely too long past my bedtime.

This month we followed up our meal with karaoke.

And yes, fellow readers of my generation, the title of this post was a reference to Vanilla Ice's hit Ice Ice Baby, which I sang with great joy, but little talent last night in front of a crowd of friends and strangers.  I will admit to wasting much too much of my life learning the words.  But, the song instantly transports me back to Junior High when I though it was the coolest thing I had ever heard.

I haven't sung karaoke since three children ago, and was nervous.  But, my personal karaoke philosophy is to pick a song that you don't really need any musical ability to perform and you will do okay.  I think it helps to pick out songs that everybody used to love, but now claim are incredibly lame.  You know they still love them.  Even if they are much too cool to admit to liking said song, their lips still move along to the words.

More important than my singing performance was the fact that I was with a bunch of friends.  Over a year ago, I organized a group that meets once a month.  Sometimes there are many people.  Sometimes there are a few.  But, a night out with them is a splurge that I look forward to all month.

Since the date is standard, we don't have the huge issue of scheduling.  You know what I mean.  The "Lets get together sometime."  "Sure, I'll check my schedule."  But nothing ever happens because there is never a date when everyone can get together.  There are about 20 people invited each month, and they each come when they can.

Women in general, and moms in particular, have a tendency to talk themselves out of fun.  When confronted with the option of going out, immediately a woman will think about all the backed up housework she has, work commitments, and the social and extra-curricular activities of their children.  She will think about her husband's schedule and how to squeeze something else in.  She will often think, "I'm just too busy" without taking into account that a night out with girlfriends is exactly what she needs to recharge.

I know that's how women think because that's what I used to do.  Ben is my husband and best friend, but he's a boy.  He doesn't always understand or care about girl things.  Women, when they get together can relate to each other in a totally different (not better or worse, just different) way than a woman can relate to her husband.  I can't survive without girlfriends.  And I realized that I don't want to turn into a middle aged woman who doesn't have good friends.

Admit it.  What is your favorite song to sing - either in karaoke or just in the car?

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