Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wishing I Could Time Travel

I am trying to come to terms with Veronica's cleft lip and palate surgery on Tuesday.  I am sure the surgery will go well.  I have confidence in the surgeon and hospital.  Helping a child through surgery recovery is never fun, but we've done it before and can do it again.

But, this will radically change the way my sweet girl looks.  I have been committing her cute little face to memory (and taking lots of pictures) before her repair.  I am trying to look on the positive side - I will get to fall in love with her beautiful new face. 

As a mother, I alternate between wanting time to freeze at this exact moment and my impatience to see how my children will develop and grow in the future.  I want to time travel, to skip around in their life stories. 

On difficult days, I want to spring forward to see that yes, they will stay dry all night, eat with silverware, brush their teeth without reminders and generally be a productive member of society.  On the days when my children seem so mature, kindhearted and accomplish some great personal goal, I wish I could momentarily pop back in time to see just how far they have come.

Without this time travel possibility, I am resigned to relying on my imagination, subjective memory and lots of photos.


Bridget - A Packer fan like her Mom

Riley - May the Force be with you



Connor - Watch out for birds

Sawyer - Homemade hat? Headband? Native American headpiece with feather?  Paper fire shooting out of his head?


Veronica - Baptismal Gown

Veronica - Howdy Partner!


Anonymous said...

I wish Veronica the very best luck. I'll be praying and I'm sure you'll instantly fall in love with your little princess new smile. She's sooo pretty!!

We came back home two weeks ago from Guangzhou with our 14 months daughter. She has an unrepaired isolate c/ palate and we' re just learning how to eat !!

You have a lovely family!.

Blessings and good luck,

Africa ( mom to 3 "G" daughters. Guangxi, Guangxi & Guangdong)

Mom to three G daughters ( Guangxi, Guangxi & Guangdong )

Kristin said...

Absolutely LOVE the new pictures!!!! Look like calendar pictures to me (hint, hint!).
Veronica is going to do just fine with her surgery. How could she not with the great doctor you and and all of her "support system".
Love you.

justme said...

Oops! Published under the wrong name before!