Thursday, September 22, 2011

Missoni Madness

Missoni madness has swept through Target.  Missoni was the latest upscale brand to partner with Target for an exclusive collection.  I had been seeing the advertisements leading up to the sales.  As a woman with a Mass Communication (with advertising emphasis) degree, I understood the sales tactics.  I could logically deconstruct the marketing plan and recognize the ways in which Target tried to manipulate my feelings toward the product.  I knew what was going on.  But I didn't care once I saw "the shoes".

These beautiful shoes had been shown in several print ads.  As a girl who buys majorly discounted everything, I surprised myself by my willingness to pay full price for something.  But they had been calling me relentlessly.

Then I read in the paper about how people had lined up outside Target doors before they opened.  I heard about people stocking up entire carts of Missoni products with the intent to sell them online at a large markup.  I found out that Target's site had been down due to the volume of people buying Missoni products and now they are sold out. 

All this happened the first day.

Two days later I had finally been able to get myself to Target.  The clothing racks were picked clean.  No bags or accessories could be found.  I dejectedly slumped and headed toward the shoe department.  There were a couple of pairs of children's Missoni shoes, but not women's shoes.

Then, stuck on an end cap all alone, I spotted a box with the iconic zig-zag pattern.  One forlorn and abandoned pair of size 11 shoes were left.  Thank you God for giving me enormous feet!!  I grabbed those puppies and put them on.  They fit fantastic!

I am typing this with a mixture of guilt and euphoria.  I am in shock that I paid full price for anything.  I have been waiting for a bolt of lightning to strike me down all day.  But my main guilt is that I don't care that I paid full price.  These shoes were worth it.

And my feet look so small in them that they might even be mistaken for size 9.


Laura G. said...

I love this post. I am glad that you have splurged on yourself. You deserve a treat. As a person with big feet myself, and have bemoaned all the "cute" shoes in a cute, petite, size 7. Finally a woman with big feet has the last word. A big nah, nah, boo, boo to all those with size 7's who had to fight to get a pair. I for one would love to see a picture of you in these shoes that make you look like you wear 9's! Whoo Hoo!

Football and Fried Rice said...

You crack me in half! I always know where to come when I want a chuckle :) I'm a 9.5, so I "get you"!