Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Veronica's baptism was on Sunday.

She was dressed in our family's baptismal gown which is about 50 years old.  I wore it.  My brother wore it.  Some of my uncles wore it.  Assorted cousins wore it.  My children wore it.  One pooped all over it.

We keep a record inside the original box.  The records have gotten more detailed since the early "Stevie" and "Timmy" names.  Now we include the full name and the date of the baptism. 

When I showed my husband the gown when I was pregnant with our first child, he was slightly uncomfortable.  "Isn't that a dress?  What if we have boy?  Does he have to wear a white lacy dress?"  That is clearly the response of a man who hadn't grown up on a church with infant baptisms.

I was quite surprised that Veronica fit into the gown because most everyone else who was baptized in it was only a couple of months old.  The under slip fit fine, but the sheer lace overlay came just past the tips of her toes, whereas it normally would be long and draped over an immobile infant.  I was afraid she would trip on it and tear it, so she only wore the under slip for the actual baptism, but we have photos of her in the entire gown.

What I did not realize was that the lace overlay had a function beyond aesthetics.   It also functioned as a layer of traction, without which my sweet girl was as slippery as a greased pig.  She squirmed.  She twisted about.  She wanted up, then down, then up.  She vocalized her impatience - in front of the church.

I honestly was alright with her volume.  I just didn't want to drop her on her head and reveal my incompetent parental grip in front of the entire congregation.  Fortunately between Ben and I we managed to keep her locked in an upright position.

But, even with the girl fidgeting and fussing, I couldn't have been more joyful to have another of my children a baptized member of our church.  And I'll be praying that she grows in faith and wisdom, eventually fully understanding and embracing her relationship with the Lord.

My sweet girl is also very fortunate to have two wonderful Godparents - my cousin and my brother.  They are truly two of my absolute favorite people in the world.  Although I don't see either of them nearly as much as I would like, they are in my thoughts often.  And anytime we do get together, I will inevitably end up in a fit of laughing hysterics.  How can you top those relationships with people who have known you since you were born and still love you?  There is no pretending or putting on airs.  They know exactly who you are.

Our families had lunch at our house after the baptism.  There were a total of 21 of us and we had a feast!  Since it was Veronica's (and Jesus') special day, I made foods that I thought would be familiar to her.  We had congee, boiled pork dumplings, marinated chicken drumsticks in a Chinese sauce, fruit salad made with unidentified fruit from the Double Dragon Asian market, Chinese cucumber salad, marinated asparagus, green beans, day-glo colored Asian desserts, moon cakes, bread sticks (not Chinese, but still yummy) and cupcakes (also not Chinese, but still yummy).  I'm sure there was more food, but I just can't remember it all. 

My 26 pound girl ate two adult size bowls of congee, five dumplings, a whole chicken drumstick, over a cup of fruit, asparagus, a couple day-glo desserts, moon cake and a whole cupcake for lunch.  When she was done, she sat in her high chair in a blissed-out food induced stupor.

Unfortunately with all the squirmy child holding, we didn't have a free hand to take pictures.  When we get copies from other responsible and thoughtful relatives I will post them. 


just me said...

It was an absolutely great day--actually a great weekend. Loved being with all our family again and seeing Ben's family. Veronica was super during baptism, until her headband came off. She is definitely a "girlie girl".

tmlinz said...

ummmm..... pictures..........ummmmmmmm....