Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Power of Baked Goods

Our social worker visited today for the first time since we came home with Veronica.  He had come to make sure everything was going well and see that we knew how to access any resources we may need now that we are home.

Or that could be just a nice way of saying that he was making sure he hadn't made a mistake in approving us for an adoption.  No pressure.

Before I tell you how I prepared, I want to congratulate myself on being much less neurotic than the last time he came to our home for the infamous "home study visit."  To prepare for that visit I not only scrubbed the house, cleaned the curtains, washed the windows and sewed new throw pillows, but also organized the children's books based on height.  I wish I was joking about the book thing.  I'm not exaggerating and I do feel adequate shame for my over-eagerness to impress. 

This time I only had time to focus on the main things like making sure no child had any major injuries before he came.  That alone is a full time job.  For extra credit, I made sure they were all clean and in clothes with no holes and stains, but unfortunately by the time he came in early afternoon the kids were practically coated in dirt.

Knowing I wasn't going to be able to scrub every inch of the house or children (again) in preparation, I relied on my time-tested strategy.  Baked goods.

Whenever I'm inviting people over, the scent of some kind of just-baked morsel can hide a multitude of sins.  Dust?  Who cares when you are eating a brownie.  A few toys scattered around the floor?  No problem when you've got a cupcake in your hand.

Not a baker?  That's alright.  The smell of bacon works, too.  Mmmm.  Bacon.

Anyway, while answering the social worker's questions in a hopefully acceptable manor, I offered him a fresh baked Snickerdoodle.  He couldn't resist the power of baked goods.  He said that Snickerdoodles were his favorite kind of cookie.


I believe that was the final push we needed to pass as acceptable parents.  It also helps that Veronica was her usual charming little self.  And the other kids were as sweet as could be.  I'm lucky to have such terrific kids that can behave so well.  For an hour at least.

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