Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

I love birthdays.

I have never quite understood the dread some of my friends feel as they get older, especially for milestone birthdays.  Today I turn 35 and am officially closer to age 40 than 30.  I've gotta say, I'm feeling pretty terrific about it.

What is the fear people have with growing up?  The maniacal youth obsession in our country astounds me.  Why do people in their 30s and older refuse to think of themselves as adults and verbally "refuse to grow up"?  I still get a happy little thrill when children refer to me as Mrs. Nelson.  It doesn't make me feel ancient.  It makes me feel respected.

People disregard the perks of getting older.  Each year we acquire more wisdom and life experiences - sometimes painfully, sometimes joyfully.  Now that I am 35, I feel like I really know who I am at the core.  I am liking the person I am turning out to be.   I can see the life path I'm on and its looking pretty fabulous. 

Would I trade that for the flat stomach of my youth?  Okay, in all honesty some days I would, but not usually. 

Right now I am in the midst of my life's work - raising my family.  I am extraordinarily excited with each passing year to know them more and see how my babies are turning into kind, compassionate children.  I can't wait to see how they use their God given gifts as they become adults.  Each year that passes is another glimpse into their future.

So its time to celebrate my birthday!  Sweet hubby took the day off so I have no real responsibilities all day.  I'm thinking the day will involve some food that I did not cook myself, many enthusiastic renditions of "Happy Birthday", a good book read on the porch, board games, a rented movie and cake absolutely coated in sprinkles courtesy of the kids.  

But, as I get all the adulation I so clearly deserve today, I still need to give credit where credit is due.  My mom.  Thank you, Mom, for all the morning sickness, which led to labor pains, which led to pushing out a 2-week late, 10 pound baby girl.  You are awesome!


just me said...

Morning sickness, long labor after an overdue due date, and a 10 lb baby were definitely worth it!!!!! Happy birthday! Love you lots!!!!

Nicole said...

Love this post!

Football and Fried Rice said...

I was a 10# baby too :) happy Birthday!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday, Kristin!! I just found your blog, and I'm in love! I've an hour "past my bedtime" for having read through it! First of all, we're in MN, too, and I turned 35 just a couple of months ago m-- we must connect. We just got LOA last week for our little girl. AND I have to add, my son (who just turned 5) ADORES Batman, and my mother, who had 4 kids, wouldn't pay any attention to any of us unless someone was DRIPPING blood. LOL. So happy to have found your blog!