Saturday, July 2, 2011

Traveler's Food Confession

So I finally succumbed. I became one of "those" travelers. While in a country with amazing food on ever corner and several places in-between, I caved to the lure of Subway.

On the few occasions that Ben and I get to leave the country, we make it a practice to eat local food as much as possible. "I'm not going to eat at McDonald's! I can do that any other time I want." We would say. But still I stood in that Subway line feeling very guilty and like the stereotypical American tourist.

To his credit, Ben did not judge me out loud, but I must note he did not partake in any of the foot-long that I ordered. Instead he wandered around for some more interesting street food, like we had been eating in Nanning.

I claimed that I would share with Veronica. I convinced myself it would be a fun new cultural experience for her. But, somehow, she ended up in the hotel play area with Ben while I scarfed that whole thing down by myself. And I washed it down with Diet Coke. Then, the glorious finale - smuggled in Skittles for dessert. I felt guilt, but oh so much joy, too. Bad, bad tourist.

Don't worry. I fed my little girl with some of the food we already had in our room.

I promise to happily get back on the Chinese Food wagon for the next meal.

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Anna K. said...

Kristin, this was worth a very good laugh! When I went to Mexico in college for a retreat/service trip, we said they same thing -- That we would NOT be eating any American fast food! After 7 days of beans and rice, we couldn't take it anymore, broke down and went to McDonald's for a burger and fries. We made the mistake of eating it out on their patio and had all kinds of kids peeking through the fence, begging for food. I felt like a real loser at that point. :)