Thursday, June 16, 2011

We're Moving - Sort Of

For all my friends and family who have politely inquired over the past two and a half years, I can now proudly say, "Yes, our home addition is done. Sort of. Done enough. For now."

We had hired a contractor (the same day as the market's major free fall two plus years ago - great timing!) to build an addition to our home over the garage. We added a sun room, two bedrooms and a bathroom. They roughed in the construction and we have been finishing it off as time and money permit.

The bathroom remains roughed in with plywood floors, no toilet or sink. Once we are rolling in the dough in a few more months - insert sarcastic chuckle here - we will continue to finish it off ourselves. The other rooms are finished with the exception of completed baseboard and window trim.

We are calling it good and moving Ben's and my bedroom into the new section so that Veronica can move into our current room. Just to complicate things some more, we are putting different furniture into Bridget's room and moving Bridget's bedroom furniture into Veronica's room. And the crib that Sawyer is no longer using is going to Veronica's room. We are playing musical heavy furniture.

Clearly we have nothing better to do before we leave in 7 days for China.

Clearly we are wait-till-the-last-minute kind of people.

Clearly we'll be skipping some sleep to get the whole switch-a-roo done quickly.

Yet, here I am on the computer. Procrastinating about the work to be done, but secretly (or not so secretly if I am posting it on this blog) thinking that if everything is a rushed frenzy before we go I won't have time to dwell on the adoption. If I am a busy bee, I won't stare at the clock, mentally willing the minute hand to move faster.

Once we move our things to the new bedroom, we will set up Veronica's room. Her clothes will hang in the closet. Her bed will be neatly made. The toys and books will be put away in anticipation.

And every time I pass by, it will be more apparent that someone is missing.

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