Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Swimming - China Style

Anyone who knows my husband knows that he loves to be near, around and in the water. Whether its fishing, swimming or floating along in a boat, he is all for it. So, for his birthday, we decided to take Veronica swimming for the first time.

By virtue of having ovaries, I decide that it is I who must hold her the first time she goes into the water. Ben was sitting in the kiddie pool waiting with a smile. And a swim cap. A very small swim cap.

Yes, people who haven't been to China before, swim caps are all the rage. They are required for hygiene, although after seeing several people hock loogies in the pool, I can't imagine that my hair will cause a huge contaminated outbreak of anything. Especially with my feet just soaking in the kiddie pool. But I digress.

So I decide to sit on the top step of the pool. But my foot slips on the insanely slippery tiles. And I bump on my bottom while holding Veronica. Neither of us were hurt, but it was a very quick plop down and scared her (understandably so). I spent the next few minutes walking her around the pool trying to calm her. It was not quite the introduction to swimming that we had hoped.

After several minutes of comfort I manage to successfully sit on the edge of the pool. Eventually she dipped her feet in and smiled. Then it rained.

So after spending 40 Yuan for the swim caps, 1 near death fall, 10 minutes of comforting, another 10 minutes of encouragement, and 30 seconds of single toe splashing, we left the pool.

We took her back to the room to give her a bath and she has had 30 happy minutes splashing and playing in the bathtub. And we could enjoy all this without loogies or swim caps.


Football and Fried Rice said...

sounds like quite the adventure :-)

pbfoster said...

Oh, goodness...crying I'm laughing so hard! Not at your pain, but you just EXACTLY described our first dunk in the pool in Nanning...I did the exact same thing with our daughter her first time in the pool. Rest assured, she LOVES the water now and is not afraid at all.

Tanya G. said...

I love how you take challenges in stride, Kristin! And I love the picture of Daddy and daughter!