Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Last Minute Frenzy

I leave for the airport to head to China in approximately 33 hours. Unfortunately, my to-do list comprises about 50 hours. So, if I can't find a modified Dolorian and a Huey Lewis sound track, it looks like I am stuck darting around the house frantically trying to assess where the time is best spent.

Okay. Packing should rank high on the list. No I haven't packed yet. Don't judge me.

Getting Veronica's room set up and washing, folding and hanging 3 different sizes of clothes was a priority, mainly because it was so stinkin' fun. At least I can check that off the list.

We still have last minute travel things to do, too - having a witness sign our will, head to the bank for money, etc.

And then there is getting the house ready. Have any of you had other people stay at your home for two weeks when you weren't there? Normal rules of guest preparedness no longer count. It isn't okay to shove things in your laundry room or stack papers in bags and shove them in the bottom of closets.

My in-laws have been kind enough to agree to watch the kids for the first week and my parents are coming for the last week. I know they would truly want me to relax for the next (now 32 3/4 hours till we leave. They love me and I know would volunteer to scrub bathrooms, vacuum floors and do laundry. But, I admit, my mother-in-law washing my skivvies just makes my face red just thinking about it.

Anyone nice enough to volunteer to watch my four bundles of energy and take care of the house deserves a clean slate when they start. I don't want them to come to a yard in need of mowing and toys ankle-deep.

Now that I have caught my breath with a bloggy break, its time to start scratching things off the to-do list again.


Jennifer said...

Sounds about right for a new momma! :)

Ryan and Ann Schlenner said...

Oh my goodness! Hugs and so happy that you are leaving!!!! I hope you blog in China!! Hugs and have an amazing time. Wish we were going with you, too!!!!!!!

Smoches to sweet Veronica! Ann

Kathy C. said...

I followed Dawn's link to your blog. The first two things to grab my attention is that I wrote a book for Concordia too (but not an arch book) and that I also adopted a cleft palate baby (domestically).

Have a safe journey.