Thursday, June 23, 2011

But This Doesn't Look Like China

I decided to stay awake all night, since I would have to get up about 3 AM to get ready for my flight to China. The original plan had us leaving well before the crack of dawn to take a flight from Minneapolis to Denver. We were suppose to fly from Denver to San Fransisco and then onto Beijing.

Unfortunately, our plane in Denver had a broken brake part. (Come on, brakes are overrated.) After an hour on the tarmac we were told that the maintenance crew wasn't able to fix the plane with parts on-hand. By the time this decision was made, we had missed our connecting flight in San Fransisco. After several temporary ticket maneuverings, we managed to reschedule our flights so that we wouldn't miss our flight from Beijing to Nanning to get Veronica.

So, instead of being almost to China now like I should be, I have been hanging out at the Denver airport. Not that Colorado isn't a wonderful place, but a girl can only watch so many planes taking off before she is anxious to get on one herself.

I am currently running on caffeine, refined carbohydrates, and thirty minutes of sleep, conveniently broken up into 10 minute increments. I am so ready to leave.

We will be flying out about 7:30 to go to LAX. We have a four hour layover in Los Angeles and then go onto Beijing.

Correction. I just this minute found out our flight was delayed. We leave at 9:00 PM.

Did I mention that our luggage is in San Fransisco?


Jennifer said...

You'll get there! One way or another. :) Hang tough. The end is worth it. Sweet Veronica! Excited for you to be on your way.

Anna K. said...

Oh, Kristin! You poor things! Aren't you glad that you at least don't have any of the kids with you to be stuck in the airport on no sleep?! I hope by now you are well on your way to China and have gotten some rest. I look forward to hearing your updates and am very excited for your family. What an adventure of a lifetime! Not too long now and you get to meet Veronica! :)

Dawn S. said...

love to you!!