Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Car Crash

While driving to Cub Foods today after Bible Study, I got into a bit of a car crash. Perhaps crash is too strong a word - lets go with fender bender instead. Okay fender bender for me, crash for the other guy.

I had been stopped on Rice Street amid the construction when the back bumper of my truck was clipped by a car who didn't quite notice that I wasn't actually moving. As there was no place to pull over on Rice, I pulled into a parking lot just off the road.

Fortunately the other driver followed. In reverse. After just getting into an accident. "Kudos" I thought. Bold decision.

My bumper had a scuff mark, while his front quarter panel was smashed in. I clearly wasn't at fault, and we both knew it. He was genuinely sorry and worried over my kids in the car who were just wondering how long this would take and when they would actually get to ride in the fun rocket carts at Cub Foods.

What a lucky day for me. It isn't every day I get to give somebody a free pass. I smiled and forgave him with no anger or frustration. Although a cosmetic boo-boo on his car was obviously unfortunate for him, I felt so blessed to have been able to make his life a little easier by not having him worry about the police or insurance.

I kept thinking how I have been forgiven for so many things. It is nice it feels to be able to pass that on to someone else.

This must have been my lucky day.

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